1-Click Marketing for Amazon



We will charge 2% of your revenues reported by Amazon for the Sponsored Products Campaign that 1-Click Marketing for Amazon.ai runs or $79, whichever is higher. Before we launch your campaigns, we will take your Credit Card details and keep it on file and charge it weekly based on your revenues.
You will continue to pay Amazon directly for your spends.
Under My Account > Invoices. You can find your ad spend invoices in your Amazon account.
We would hate to see you go, but if you have to, shoot an email to Hi@OnlineSales.ai


Just login with your Amazon Seller credentials and we will take care of the rest.
During onboarding, we will ask for the required permissions for MQS API. Once given, your catalog will be automatically integrated with our platform.
We need 2 kinds of accesses;

  1. Access to your run Sponsored Products Ads in your Amazon Account:
    • Specifically, our app needs campaign_management:cpc permission
  2. Access to your product catalog:
    • Specifically, our app needs access to your product catalog via MWS API.

Both these accesses are asked for during onboarding itself.

If your account is valid for these credits, you will see this option when you login to your Amazon Seller Panel.
If you know how to email and Facebook, you can use this solution – that’s how simple it is.
Yes. Your data is only used for your campaigns.

Getting Started

Login on our platform with your Amazon Seller Credentials, let your catalog sync with our platform, select the category and the result you want from your campaigns, add your credit card on file, hit launch.
The dashboard will start showing your campaign performance 12 hours after it goes live.
If your dashboard is showing no error or no actions to take, please raise a support ticket.
Try the forget password option and change it. If you still cant login, raise a support ticket.
Yes, you can login to 1-Click Marketing for Amazon through Google and there will be a one time login where you would input your Amazon Credentials.
Using the same credentials, yes. We dont provide multi user login.
If your queries are not answered through our FAQs or customer calling team, simply drop a note to Hi@OnlineSales.ai with your query and our team will get back to you.


Our algorithm will decide what keywords to bid on based on your category and the product.
It is automated. Our algorithms look at the performance of each and every product and keyword to determine which are working well and which are not.
You can select the category and then our algorithms will automatically select the correct keywords and run the ad campaign. You cannot pick individual products to advertise.
There are thousands of searches that happen on Amazon every second, hence it would be next to impossible to manually try to find your ads. Do focus on your reporting dashboard to see the performance of your campaigns.
No. You just need to feed your budget and how many transactions you would like in that.
That is not possible as Amazon doesn’t allow it. The ad-images have to be the same as what would appear on Amazon’s website listings.
Yes. All your past data (Last 90 days) will be synced for showing on the dashboard as well as for optimizations.
Your ads will run on Amazon targeting United States, Canada and Europe.


Ad Spend, Clicks, Orders, Revenues, Cost per Order, Return on Advertising Spending (ROAS), Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS)
There is a possibility both these dashboards are working on different time zones and getting updated accordingly. If the discrepancy is beyond a time range, please raise a support ticket.
We run a multi-channel attribution. Based on which model is used, first-click/last-click/custom the attribution would change.
Yes, you can download them in Excel format.

To the finest grained level i.e. keywords, ads, products(SKUS)